Investment Quorum becomes a Sequoia Patron

Investment Quorum becomes a Sequoia Patron

Climate Change
Published July 6, 2021

Investment Quorum Becomes a Sequoia Patron

The average UK person’s lifetime CO2 footprint is 520 tonnes. And despite various countries’ commitment to carbon neutrality, net zero and a whole host of other initiatives, the world is still producing and burning fossil fuels on a massive industrial scale.
At Investment Quorum, we know that we are at the dawn of a new era – the era of the circular economy, the energy transition and sustainable development. Foremost in people’s minds are notions such as community, renewable energies, environmental awareness and trust. And the business landscape is peppered with terms like accountability, transparency and sustainability.
We want to be among the new kinds of businesses that balance purpose and profit. We want to spearhead a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good. In short, we want to create business networks that can help build an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone… and which do not damage the environment.

Introducing the Sequoia Project…

One of the many new initiatives that Investment Quorum is supporting is One Life One Tree.
Did you know that the tree world had its own superheroes? In addition to being curiously fire resistant, the Giant Sequoia can capture over a thousand tonnes of CO2 over its lifetime. In other words, every time somebody plants a Giant Sequoia, work gets under way on offsetting the average lifetime CO2 footprints of up to two people in the UK.
The Giant Sequoia is not only the world’s largest tree: it is also the fastest growing of coniferous trees. It can grow around 1.2 m per year and has growth rings up to 5 cm wide. That makes it the ideal solution for carbon capture. When mature it produces the same volume of wood in a year as a 30 cm diameter, 15 m tall tree. Giant Sequoias can live for thousands of years, so the carbon is stored while humankind moves away from fossil fuel dependency.
One Life One Tree buys land in regions where such trees can grow and then plants saplings for each of its Sequoia Patrons. Since UK per capita carbon emissions are around 6.5 tonnes per annum, One Life One Tree wants to grow Giant Sequoias that reach volumes of around 500 m³ to guarantee the offsetting of one person’s lifetime carbon footprint. And the people spearheading the project want companies like ours to help.
Investment Quorum, like its clients, knows that society’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by governments alone. We know that profits and growth can be harnessed and used as a means to a greater end: positive impact for people, communities and the environment, as well as for our children and our grandchildren. We know that – as investors – we are in the privileged position of being able to work towards reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, stronger communities and a healthier environment.
Having recently launched its Sustainability Strategy, Investment Quorum is proud to announce that it already has its first tree (in Wales). If you want to join us and be a Sequoia Patron, visit